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Kennedy Space Center

If you are wanting to switch it up and have a unique experience, Kennedy Space Center is the place for you and your family! Kennedy Space Center is an opportunity for all ages to have an educational experience on vacation. It opens every day at 9 am and there are many great things to do to entertain the family that last the whole day. These activities are interactive, informative, educational, and fun!

The real space shuttle, Atlantis, is displayed, as well as opportunities to meet a veteran NASA astronaut. You can also touch a moon rock, tour a NASA spaceflight facility, see a real Saturn V moon rocket, take a bus tour, and more. There are some really great activities for kids, including a slide, rocket launch simulator, and games. There is a IMAX theater with 3D showings creating an intriguing experience to learn what has been accomplished so far in space, as well as hearing what is being planned for the future.

There are food options that include four restaurants and three snack stands. The Rocket Garden Cafe is a great place to enjoy your food outside and serves breakfast and lunch daily. The Moon rock Cafe is another great option for lunch with indoor and outdoor seating. The Orbit Cafe serves salads, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and more. The Red Rock Grill stand serves hot dogs and is a great and quick option. There are gluten-free, vegan, and healthy options for all. There is also an awesome opportunity to dine with an astronaut during a buffet lunch and to hear their stories as you dine! Another great aspect to the Kennedy Space Center is that plates and bowls are made from recycled pulp. There isn't any plastic that is used and which adds to the very clean environment that Kennedy Space Center provides.

The Kennedy Space Center closes at 6 pm and is perfect for a full day of fun! 

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